Allison Gary Jack Scott

The Band

Allison Maryatt, songwriter, guitar and vocals, and guitarist Gary King, (House of Leisure studio), Love and Fury weave a thick tapestry of distorted guitar melody. The legendary Jack Endino (Skin Yard, Crypt Kicker 5), MKB Ultra on bass/drums and Scott McCullum (Skin Yard, Gruntruck) on drums.

The Music

The Shows

  • The SkylarkThe Skylark
  • The SkylarkThe Skylark
  • Ben McMillian Memorial ShowBen McMillian Memorial Show
  • The CentralBlack Clouds Central Show
  • The CometThe Comet
  • The CrocodileThe Crocodile
  • Easy StreetEasy Street Records
  • FunhouseFunhouse
  • High DiveHigh Dive
  • Rogue Hero BellinghamRogue Hero Bellingham